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SMART Boards and SMART Notebook

Did you know that SMART Boards are really like one big mouse? Its not the actual SMART Board that is complicated to learn, but the SMART Notebook software. You should have SMART Notebook software on all school computers and teaching notebook. You can also install it on your own personal computer. Details on how to do that are below.

See the attached resources to help you play and learn SMART Notebook.

SMART Boards and iPads - right now there is now way (on our school networks) to have our iPad play with the SMART Board. However, you can open up SMART Notebook files on the iPad if you purchase the SMART Notebook app for your iPad. Link is below.

How to install SMART Notebook:

Lots of SMART resources on staff website at:

"Teaching", "IT Resources", "SMART Resources". Be sure to check these out.

SMART Notebook iOS App: